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“We love family businesses –
working with their owners is our calling and our profession.”


The work we undertake together is based on five basic convictions:

1. Love of family businesses: A love for family businesses forms the basis of our work together. Family businesses are not perfect, but they are the best form of capitalist economic activity.

2. Creating sustainable benefits: We assist owners of family businesses with fulfillment of their entrepreneurial responsibility – from the joint development of concepts to their successful implementation. So your entrepreneurial dream can continue. From generation to generation.

3. A strong team: We work together – because we’re better together, and because we like each other. Each of us contributes his or her personal abilities – for the benefit of our clients, and in the interest of the entire undertaking.

4. Simply better: We place the highest demands on the quality of our work. At the same time, we are “incorruptible,” respectful and, if need be, disruptive.

5. A compelling theoretical foundation: The May Method is the common foundation of our work. Because we are convinced that a world-class theoretical foundation makes the difference. True to the guiding principle: “Theories are like maps. They may not be reality, but they make reality easier to navigate.”

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